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Little Andaman Island
The Little Andaman Island is one of the largest islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that are open to the public. Being a bit distant from Port Blair, they are not frequently visited, but the pristine beaches, palm trees, waterfalls and the surf draw a number of tourists.

Madhuban National Park
Madhuban is located at a distance of 20 km by ferry from Port Blair in the north-east of South Andaman. This is a forest area good for trekking and watching birds, animals and a number of butterflies. The forest area in Madhuban is famous for trekking. Here elephants are used for lumbering work.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park National Park
Situated 29 km. from Port Blair on the south-western coast of South Andaman is the massive Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Long Island
Long Island is ideal for camping or stay for a couple of days. It can be reached from Port Blair on boats or motorised catamarans. Accommodation facilities are available at the government guest house for which a permit is required from A&N Tourism before travelling to Long Island.

Jawra reserve - Cable car
Near Port Blair, the Jawra Reserve is the place for the Jawra tribe of Andaman. Two islands have been kept as reserve area for this tribe and are off limits to the general population. The tribe was considered to be the first inhabitants of the island and are an important aboriginal tribe in the Andaman Islands

Chidiya Tapu - Village
Chidiya Tapu is located 25 km from Port Blair and is a tiny village in the southernmost tip of South Andaman. It is also known as the bird island. The region has a number of green mangroves and a lush forest cover. Birds are the major attraction here.

Smith Island – Island
Smith Island is the twin island of Ross Island. The two islands are joined by a sand bar. Smith Island is famous as a camping site and for exploring the local lifestyle. The unexplored beach and the unspoiled seashore are the places to visit in this small island.

Chattam Saw Mill – Other
Chattam Saw Mill is located at Chattam which is 15 minutes from the STS bus terminus and the travel to this place is very cheap. The prominent feature of Chattam is the presence of the saw mill which is the oldest and the largest in Asia. It was built by British rulers for production of wood for their people in India.

Marina Park and Aquarium – Aquarium
Samudrika Marine Museum is located at Delanipur near Port Blair. It is managed by the Indian Navy. The purpose was to create awareness about the natural resources and aquatic life in the Andaman Islands. Along with this, the museum gives a glance of the social and tribal life in the region.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park - National Park
The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is located at Wandoor. Wandoor is a collection of around 15 small islands and is 29 km away from Port Blair. This marine park is also known as the Wandoor Marine National Park. There are mangrove creeks and tropical rain forests and a rich conglomeration of corals and marine life.

Mini Zoo – Zoo
Some of the rarest species like Nicobar pigeon, the Andaman pig and the Andaman gecko can be seen in the Mini Zoo which is situated at Haddo, off the Delanipur-Chattam Road in Port Blair. There are around 200 species of birds and animals in the mini zoo.

Andaman Water Sports Complex - Theme Park
The Andaman Water Sports Complex, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, is located close to the Cellular Jail in the north-west part of Port Blair. The sports complex offers a range of water sports facilities and adventures.

Cellular Jail – Monument
During the British occupation of India, the prisoners were sent to Cellular Jail, to keep them far off from the revolution. Once in these places, it was very difficult to get out and this led to the death of a number of prisoners. After a brief occupation by the Japanese forces during World War II, the town of Port Blair became the base of the Azad Hind Fauj.

Gandhi Park – Park
Gandhi Park in Port Blair is a small and beautiful park with amusement rides, a garden, a small narrow trail around a small lake inside the premises, water sports, historic remains of a Japanese temple and a war bunker.

Forest Museum – Museum
Located at Haddo on the outskirts of Port Blair, the Forest Museum is a place that is run and managed by the Forest Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. True to its name, the forest museum is famous for its contents related to the forest and the variety of trees.

Anthropological Museum - Museum
Situated on MG Road in the western part of Port Blair, the Anthropological Museum is one of the most visited places in town. It is maintained by the Anthropological Survey of India. The museum illustrates the tribal life and culture. It has an exhibition of the tools and weapons that are used by the tribes as well as photographs showing the different tribes, existing and extinct.

Sippighat Farm – Other
The Sippighat Farm near Port Blair is spread over an area of 80 acres of land at a distance of 15 km from Port Blair when going towards Wandoor. The whole area is dedicated to the research and development programs for the cultivation of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and coconut.

Collinpur – Beach
Collinpur is situated 36 km from Port Blair and is a good place for swimming, sun bathing and enjoying the sunset. Collinpur is situated near Tirur and has shallow water. This place is ideal for day trips.

Mount Harriet – Hill
Mount Harriet is located 55 km by road from Port Blair and 15 km by ferry. Mount Harriet is a 365 metres high peak in the South Andamans and is the highest in the area.

Zsi Museum – Museum
The Zsi Museum is under the Zoological Survey of India and has a wide range of animals and insect species. Various sponges, corals from the sea, insects of the Andaman and other rare and extinct species can be found.

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